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About Our Group

Prof. Lifshitz’s group is among the pioneers who initiated the exciting field of nanomaterials for nanotechnology. The group employs a multifaceted approach for the study of low-dimensional semiconductor solids, such as colloidal and spray-prepared nanostructures (dots, rods, wires, platelets, and polypods) and their corresponding core/shell hetero-structures, single and multi-flake transition metal layered compounds, bulk and nanostructure perovskites, and magnetically doped nanostructures. These nanomaterials are of scientific and technological interest due to their tunable electronic properties by size, shape, and composition variation, leading to unique physical properties unparalleled to analogous bulk materials. The Lifshitz group has made a notable contribution to the development of new materials and the depth of understanding of the fundamental features that govern the size-related physical properties. The studies include investigating the nature of excitons and multiple excitons, radiative recombination, Auger non-radiative relaxations, Coulomb and exchange interactions, binding energies, diamagnetic shift, Zeeman split, Landé g-factors, spin polarization, and the Rashba effect. The investigations are carried out by following the behavior of spins as a designation for the electronic properties, using complex optical and magneto-optical spectroscopy methodologies, including optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR), thermal and microwave modulated photoluminescence while monitoring an ensemble or a single nanostructure at variable temperatures, as well as combining microscopy and spectroscopy, e.g., confocal/AFM or confocal/ODMR. The experimental work is corroborated by theoretical modeling, including band structure calculations, spin interactions, Auger processes, and carrier transport via small nanostructure assemblies. The accumulated knowledge is applied to developing prototype nanostructure-based devices, such as solar cells, Q-switch, optical gain devices, and biological tags. 

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Open Positions Available!

We are looking for motivated M.Sc. and Ph.D. students to join the group. We also have positions available for post-doctoral researchers. If you are interested in joining our group, feel free to contact Prof. Efrat Lifshitz by email or phone at:


Phone:    +972-4-8293987


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